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Total Civil Engineering Costs:

1.         Land costs

2.         Compensation towards rehabilitation and resettlements.

3.         Levelling costs including provision of storm water drainage.

4.         Boundary walls, fencing, watch towers, gates and etc.

5.         Paved area / boulder soling and etc.

6.         Approach roads / internal roads and etc.

7.         Equipment foundations.

8.         Building (Civil).

9.         Structural buildings.

10.       Dismantling / relocation costs, if any.

11.       Environment / ecology related expenses like plantations and etc.

It is not possible to deliberate in description on all these aspects here. Therefore, the idea is to make you aware of whole gamut of civil engineering works which may be encountered in various kinds of projects, whether ongoing or being planned for future.

At last, if any of the above information is not available, it is advisable to keep provisions for civil engineering costs on some notional basis. Therefore, a realistic estimate on the lines the discussion so far would always be better.

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