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A typical jet turbine is made up of some metallic materials. This consists of 38% Ti, 12% Chromium, and 37% Nickel, 6% Cobalt, and 5% Aluminium, 1% Nb and 0.02% Ta, and others. Each of them are non-ferrous and illustration only goes to show that in engineering practice, the non-ferrous materials are finding increasing applications. They present, in contain cases, the advantages of high strength and low weight when in several other cases they surpass the mechanical strength of ferrous materials. In specific cases metals like copper and aluminum have no alternative from the wide range of steel and cast iron. Electric conductor and aircraft bodies are the illustrations. Aluminium alloys are exclusively utilized for cooking utensils, like building materials and for aircraft bodies. Copper alleys are utilized as conductor in electric machine, like transmission cables and tubing in heat exchangers. The non-ferrous’ alloys show also creep resistance and resistance to oxidation at high temperatures. Though, steel may continue to dominate the scene for its strength, heat treatability and cost. The cost ratios on per weight basis between other materials and steel are: Ti a1Ihys-62, Copper alloys-8, Mg alloys-1 3, Aluminium alloys-80, low alloy steel-2.4, stainless steel-5.5 1, gray cast iron- 1.22.

A large variety of alloys of Aluminum, Cu, Mg, and Nickel are used for making several parts of machine. They offer varied benefits of lightweight, favourable weight to strength ratio, machine-ability, cast ability and formability. Aluminium alloys are utilized for their high electrical conductivity, good strength, corrosion resistance so in such applications as electrical conductors, marine parts, storage tanks, and air craft parts. Copper and Ti alloys are similarly utilized in automotive radiators, heat exchanger, electrical machines, condenser, and builder’s hardware. There are innumerable employs of non-ferrous materials which may involve man made plastic materials with metallic alloys and readers are advised to find needs and corresponding composition of an exacting alloy form numerous sources. We start material requirement of a particular machine element, named as bearing. We will occupy design of bearings in one of units as we move ahead in our studies; however description of materials for one type of two bearings, namely- sliding contact bearing is taken up in next section.

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