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The average chapter covers the concept of averages and how to compute the average of a given set of data.

Given a set of numbers, CALCULATE the average value.

An average is the sum of a group of numbers or quantities which is divided by the number of numbers or quantities.  Averages are helpful while summarizing or generalizing a condition resulting from various conditions.  For example, while analyzing reactor power level, it might be helpful to use the average power for a day, a week, or a month.  The average could be used as a generalization of the reactor power for the day, week or month.

Average calculations include the subsequent steps:

Step 1:  Add the individual numbers/quantities.

Step 2:  Count the number of numbers/quantities.

Step 3:  Divide the sum in Step 1 by the number in Step 2.


Find out the average cost of a car, given the following list of prices.

$10,200;  $11,300;  $9,900;  $12,000;  $18,000;  $7,600


Step 1:  10200 + 11300 + 9900 + 12000 + 18000 + 7600 = 69000

Step 2:  Total number of prices is 6

Step 3:  Divide 69000 by 6.  The result is 11500

Therefore, the average price of the six cars is $11,500.

Average Value
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