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Approaches to ERP Package Selection - Proof of Concept Approach

Proof of Concept (POC) Approach:

POC-approach is a comprehensive and real-time selection approach for ERP solution. In this approach, the organisation is provided with the ERP software (which can be a truncated version also) for few months. The reason is to get confidence on the software before a final selection is taken. Following stages are incorporated in the POC approach:

Stage: Preparation of Project and Constitution of ERP -Team

This stage intended following activities :

a. Understanding the project objectives.

b. Confirming the objectives.

c. Reviewing of documentation.

d. Interviewing stakeholders.

e. Identify persons for the ERP-team (also called as task-force). Describing the role.

f.  Recognizing the organisational resources needed for the ERP implementation.

g. Assessing the risks involved in the project.

h. Developing a plan to address the risk and capacity of the project.

i. Launching the project through an effective internal communication campaign. Involve all.

Output of Stage 1

A plan, which would prepare the task-force generally in specific and organisation, for the next stage of POC activity.

Stage : Analysis of Key (Business) Requirements

Unlike RFP approach, analysis of the functional requirement and analysis of key (business) requirements is done in POC approach. It is followed by the development of a procedure model for obtaining the benefits of the ERP project. Following activities are included in this stage :

a. Conducting seminars/workshops/presentation to plan the joint requirements.

b. Developing a comprehensive process model and testing with sample transaction and pin-point areas of process-improvements.

Output of Stage 2

(a) List of business requirements.

(b) A process model.

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