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Energy audit for a distribution utility

  • ensures which input units into an area are recorded;
  • ensures which the corresponding output units are recorded;
  • identifies areas of deficiency (under recording and/or theft) and its correction;
  • Enables accurate computed of systemic losses (both technical and commercial);

Energy audit in a power utility gives a benchmark or reference point for maintaining energy in the utility and the primary for planning a more effective use of energy in the utility. Proper energy accounting and auditing would facilitate in the creation of a data base to act as input for the subsequent improvements in the distribution system:

i. Load management;

ii. Details of power factor, active and reactive power flows and suitable location for reactive power injection in the system;

iii. Assessment of diversity in the system;

iv. Optimum utilization of equipment and services;

v.  Improved voltage profile in the system;

vi.  Details of category-wise consumption of loads and proper forecast of demand; and

vii. Better system augmentation and expansion planning.


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