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Proper Handling of Equipment

Many accidents could be avoids if the instructions for proper handling of tools and appliances, ladders, earthing devices, etc. are followed. We elaborate these, in brief.

Tools and Appliances

Several accidents result from improper use of tools as well as use of defective tools and equipment. Employees should use only those tools and equipment that are in good condition, and only for the purpose for that they are designed. Where proper and safe tools are not available for the work at hand, employees should report the fact to their supervisor. The subsequent instructions should be followed:

a.)  Use proper tool for proper job. Ensure that each tool or appliance (e.g., slings, pulleys, chain block, etc.) is in good working condition;

b.) discard all non-working tools / appliances, damaged pipes, spanners, hammers, etc.; and

c.) remove tools, which develop defects while in use, from the service, tag them and do not use them until they are brought back in good condition.


a.) impact tools such as chisels, drills, hammers and wedges with mushroom heads until they have been reconditioned;

b.) hammers, axes, shovel and similar tools if handles are loose, cracked or splintered;

c.) defective wrenches such as open end and adjustable wrenches with spread jaws or pipe wrenches with dull teeth, as they are likely to slip; and

d.) pipes or other extensions on a wrench handle to increase the leverage unless the wrench is specifically designed for such an extension.


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