Write short notes on pull sales promotion strategy, Marketing Management

Write short notes on pull sales promotion strategy.

A pullstrategy tries to get consumers to “pull” the product through the manufacturer from the marketing channel. The company considers its marketing communications efforts onto consumers in the hope that this stimulates demand and interest for the product at the ending-user level. That strategy is often utilized when distributors are reluctant to carry a product since it gets as several consumers as possible to go to retail outlets and request the product, therefore pulling this through the channel. Consumer-promotion goals are to entice consumers to attempt a new product, lure customers away though competitors’ products, acquire consumers to “load up” upon a mature product, hold and reward loyal customers and make consumer relations. Classical tactics employed within pull strategy are as given here: samples, coupons, rebates and cash refunds, advertising specialties, premiums, loyalty programs/patronage rewards, sweepstakes, contests, games and point-of-purchase exhibits.

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