World regional geography, History

World Regional Geography


1. Why (argue that it does) and how (provide examples) does viewing and understanding the world through a 'regional perspective' help humans to make sense of the complicated phenomenon which occurs on the surface of the earth?

2. What is one part of the world that fits neatly (or at least without too many major problems) into the category of a region? Indeed do any at all? Your analysis of this question can be conducted at any scale from the local through the continental.

3. Is there any part of the world that simply should not be understood as a region, even though it is often categorized as such? If so, in what ways does this prove to be problematic?

4. It makes no sense to offer a course called "World Regional Geography". There is simply too much to get through in ten weeks for it to offer any real insight into something as big and complicated as the entire world. After taking this course do you agree or disagree with this statement and why?

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