Why is necessary to plan an is project in detail before work, Project Management

Give three reasons why this is necessary to plan an IS project in detail before starting work on this.

Only the simplest projects that probably imply one developer working for one user and it can acquire away without containing a proper plan of work. Even if, both parties will almost certainly have reached several informal agreement about the order wherein things are to be completed and this does constitute a fundamental plan. However Most IS projects are much more complex than this and, as complexity and the number of stakeholder’s increases, this becomes more and more significant to plan the project into detail. Without containing a detailed plan:

• Responsibilities and Roles are not described properly.

•The parties included do not have a clear and shared understanding of the activities and deliverables included.

•Dependencies, both among activities and onto third parties outside of the project, are not investigated and can lead to difficulties throughout project execution.

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