Which steps are used for the procurement, Electrical Engineering

Q. Which Steps are used for the procurement?

a. Initially, an introductory letter may be sent addressed to The Head, NRSA Data Centre, National Remote Sensing Agency, Balanagar, Hyderabad ? 500 037. The letter should clearly indicate purpose of studies, type of studies involved, area of interest; expected resolution; period of data to be covered for each imagery, scale of the photo print required, etc. Requisition form may also be requested in the introductory letter. Details of these items are discussed separately.

b. Based on the information, NRSA will browse the available data and issue ?Proforma Invoice? indicating suitable satellites, dates of pass showing cloud free data, and cost of each photo print. More than one date of pass might be suggested within each of the period interest. In such case, the bridge engineer should make selection of suitable date of pass.

c. Bridge engineer should duly fill the requisition form and a Demand Draft covering 100% cost of the imageries should be drawn and enclosed with the requisition form and sent to NRSA. If more than one date is available in the desired period, alternate dates of pass, in order of priority, may also be indicated in the covering letter.

d. The desired data is normally made available within a period of 3 to 4 weeks. Some times, NRSA faces problems in retrieving old data, percentage of cloud cover for the desired area, missing lines of data, etc. Under such circumstances, NRSA will make use of the alternate dates specified in the covering letter. If such alternate dates are not available, NRSA will come back to the user for suggesting new period for the date of pass. Fresh look at the suitable date of pass may have to be taken under such conditions.a

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