What is time, Physics

What is time?

1. This is the question that each true scientist dreads to be asked especially in a public setting by extremely inquisitive young learners. We have learned to calculate and measure it relative to the natural arrangement of known and visible celestial bodies. This is the ultimate queries you ask a theoretical astro physicist if you want to see them shake in their pants.

To this day time can only be explained by the measure of elapsed period using the SI unit, Seconds. It is the only SI unit that is freely permitted to shift depending on subject topic. For instance in Astro physics, to measure distance among galaxies it would be impractical to use seconds as the measure of time it takes light to travel among the two galaxies Time transcends everything known to man up to and containing the universe, time has no beginning or end. Time is constant and infinite and we just tap in and out of it in reference to occurrence of an event.



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