What is the importance of project financing, HR Management

Question 1:

Analyse the entity risk control matrix

• Definition or explanation
• Explanation of factors included in entity control risk
• analysis of the factors

Question 2:

What is the importance of project budgeting/financing?

Definition or explanation 
Significance (understand the result of budget disparity, fine tuning the process of bidding)
Elements to take into consideration while budgeting

Question 3:

Describe the principles followed in designing the financial plan

• Amount of External Funds Required
• Pre-commitments of Funds
• Maximum Feasible Debt and Equity Ratio
• Timing of Draw downs
• Expected Project Cash Flow Profile
• Currency Profile of Project Revenues and Costs
• Expected Useful Economic Life of the Project
• Sources of Supply for the Equipment for the Project
• Bank Loan Facility
• Syndication Risk
• Direct Loans by the Sponsors to the Project Company

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