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1.  What is rearrangement reaction?

The reactions in which the carbon of the molecule is rearranged to give a structural isomer of the original molecule. These rearrangements can also be considered as a sequence of steps belonging to substitution, additions or elimination reactions. Usually in such reaction atoms or groups shift from one position to another within the molecule resulting in a new molecular structure.


450_benzilic acid rearrangement.png

The benzilic acid rearrangement is the rearrangement reaction of benzil with potassium hydroxide to benzilic acid. This reaction type is displayed by 1, 2-diketones in general. The reaction product is a (α-hydroxy-carboxylic acid).


  1. Explain the use of the final product being formed?
  2. Benzilic acid is used in organic synthesis, as a base point for preparation of glycollate pharmaceuticals and some hallucinogenic drugs
  3. Used to treat acne with cream and gel dosage forms
  4. Explain in detail the principle of the reaction?

• The reaction result is α-hydroxy-carboxylic acid.

• Mechanism of Reaction -



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