What is fixism?, Biology

What is fixism?

The Fixism is the theory about the diversity of life on earth that affirms that the current existent species were identical to species of the past and came out already adapted to the environment without undergoing changes.

The Fixism opposes evolutionism since evolutionism is the idea that current species emerged from gradual transformations suffered by ancestral and extinct species.

The religious version of fixism is called as creationism. Many dissimilar forms of creationism are found in the mythology of various religions. The Modernized religious interpreters teach creationism as a metaphorical wisdom and not as opposed to evolutionism.

In addition it is possible to make evolution compatible with creationism by considering that God in His perfection would not create a world so full of imperfections and sufferings like our world. One be able to maintain the creationist belief thinking that the world God created is another much better world or at least not the one that we see while admitting the imperfection of life that we see has emerged by evolution.


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