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Q. What is continuous full thickness incision?

2. Continuous full - thickness incisions are indicated for a variety of situations outlined below. This type of incision may be used in the maxilla or the mandible; there are, however, certain distinctions that relate to the type of tissue present. The full thickness incision is indicated for:

  • Exposure of multiple implants adjacent to each other.
  • Implants where the position cannot be accurately identified
  • Single or multiple implants requiring papillary reconstruction
  • Repositioning of keratinized tissue.

A full - thickness incision is made on palatal aspect of implant. The flap is reflected to expose the implant, thus mobilizing the attached tissue towards the labial aspect of the implant. With the abutment inserted into the implant this would result in a deficiency of tissue on the mesial and distal aspects of the implant. The closure of this deficiency will depend on the need to create a papilla.

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