What is a valuation account, Basic Statistics

What is a valuation account?

In accounting, an assessment consideration is usually a stability sheet consideration that is used in combination with another stability sheet consideration to be able to review the holding quantity of a resource or obligation.

An example of an assessment consideration that is associated with a resource is the Allowance for Doubtful Records. This account’s credit score stability will be combined with the charge stability in Records Receivable to be able to review the holding quantity of the company’s accounts receivable. Other assessment accounts include Discount on Notes Receivable, Accumulated Depreciation, and allowance accounts used with inventory and investments.

An example of an assessment consideration associated with an obligation is Discount on Ties Due. The charge stability in this assessment consideration will be combined with the money score stability in Ties Due to be able to review the holding quantity of the bonds. Premium on Ties Due is an assessment consideration with credit score stability.

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