What is a sentence, English

What is a sentence?

The basic unit of writing is the sentence.

In order for a sentence to have meaning, it must fulfill certain requirements.

Elements of a complete sentence

A sentence must contain the following elements:

1. A subject
2. A verb
3. A complete thought

The subject of the sentence indicates who or what the sentence is about. It is the person, animal, thing, place, or idea that is the topic of the sentence.

The verb indicates the action that the subject takes. A verb can also link the subject to another word in the sentence. The verb also indicates the time or tense of the action.

A complete thought is one that expresses an idea or event completely and needs no further information to make sense.

Most types of sentences require a minimum of two words to be complete.


Amelia | studies.

"Amelia" is the subject; "studies" is the verb.

Pearl S. Buck | wrote.

"Pearl S. Buck" is the subject; "wrote" is the verb.

How do I find the subject of a sentence?

To find the subject of a sentence, you can ask yourself, "Who or what is this sentence about?"


1. Beverly sings. Ask yourself, "Who sings?" Answer: Beverly. Beverly is the subject of the sentence.

2. Dong Kingman is a master watercolorist whose work combines American culture with Asian artistic sensibility. Ask yourself, "Who is a master watercolorist?" Answer: Dong Kingman.

3. Mary McLeod Bethune and her sixteen brothers and sisters worked diligently as children. Ask yourself, "Who worked hard as children?" Answer: Mary McLeod Bethune and her sixteen brothers and sisters.

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