What er the parafunctional habits, Biology

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What er the Parafunctional Habits

Parafunctional Habits like bruxism and clenching create mechanical and biological problems due to overloading and are considered to be one of the most common cause of bone loss or lack of rigid fixation of the implant during the first year after implant placement. The condition needs to be identified during the diagnosis stage and emphasis should be placed on any tooth wear, fracture or crazing lines on the teeth, hypertonicity of masticatory musculature and features like accentuated antegonial notch on the panoramic radiograph. Though not an absolute contraindication, patients with parafunctional habits have to be treated with concern regarding the bio-mechanics and more number of implants used to improve stress distribution, as wide implants as the bone width allows should be used, delayed loading protocol should be followed, cantilevers should be eliminated, fewer occlusal contacts on lateral excursive movements in order to reduce the detrimental off axial loads, anocclusal splint as a nightguard should be used.


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