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Q. What do you mean by Double Word?

A double word is precisely what its name implies, two words. Thus, a double word quantity is 32 bits. Logically, this double word can be divided into a high order word and a low order word, four bytes, or eight nibbles.

The Double words can represent all kinds of different data. It may be as

  • an unsigned double word in the range of 0 => 4,294,967,295,
  • a signed double word in the range -2,147,483,648 => 2,147,483,647,
  • a 32-bit floating point value
  • any data that requires 32 bits or less.

We will number each bit as follows:

  1. The rightmost bit in a binary number is bit position zero.
  2. Each bit to the left is given the next successive bit number.

Bit zero is typically referred to as the LSB (least significant bit). The left-most bit is usually called the MSB (most significant bit). We'll pass on to the intermediate bits by their respective bit numbers.

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