What could you do to change things set new basis for future, Business Economics

Think of circumstances at home, at work, at university or into a club to which you belong. This is a situation which involves you. You want to modify the present circumstances and set a new basis for the future. By using the behavioural commitments, what could you do to change things?

Evidently there isn’t an ‘answer’ to this question as the circumstances chosen finds out what you’d really do, but there are some common steps which you could follow as:

a. Make a climate for modify. Is there a ‘burning platform’ – a circumstance which is so bad that people want to shift from this? Or do you require to ‘challenging the process’ by constantly seeking out and proposing opportunities for enhancement?

b. Make a vision for the future which you and everyone can share

c. Motivate others to work together in the direction of the new situation

d. Demonstrate everyone what things could be as through the way you behave

e. Have fun the successes big and small besides the way.

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