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What are the three basic types of web documents?

There are three fundamental types of web documents: Static, Dynamic and Active.


A static web document resides in a file which is related with a web server. The developer of static document finds the contents at the time. The document is written. Since contents do not modify, each request for a static document results in particularly the same response.


A dynamic web document doesn't exist into predefined form: as an alternative a dynamic web document is created through a web server whenever a browser requests the document. While a request arrives, the web server runs an application program-which creates the dynamic document. Since a fresh document is created for each request, the contents of dynamic document can vary from one request to other.


This document is not fully specified through the server. As an alternative, an active document contains a computer program-that understands how to compute and display values. While a browser request an active document, the server returns a copy of the program which the browser should run locally. When this runs active documents can interact along with the user and change the display continuously. Therefore the contents of an active document are never fixed.

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