What are the barriers to effective listening, HR Management

Question 1:

Explain communication process model and discuss how people reading or hearing the same message can disagree on its meaning.

Question 2:

Answer briefly to any three of the following:

(a) Discuss how effective business communication is linked to personal career success.

(b) Describe the value of non verbal communication.

(c) Outline the stages of listening and the ways of becoming an effective listener.

(d) Outline the three communication challenges that influence the ways in which business people communicate.

(e) Explain the nature of formal and informal communication channels.

Question 3:

Answer briefly to any three of the following:

(a) Why is it important to give your reports an effective visual presentation?
(b) What purpose(s) do visual aids serve in business documents?
(c) Why is it important to link each visual aid to a message?
(d) What are the characteristics of a good title?
(e) Explain the benefits of using tables rather than text to present statistical data?

Question 4:

What are the barriers to effective listening? Discuss why these have an impact on communication. You may support your answer by using concrete examples

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