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Q. What are the applications of JFET?

· FET is used as a buffer in measuring instruments, receivers since it has high input impedance and low output impedance.

· FET's are used in RF amplifiers in FM tuners and communication equipment for the low noise level.

· Since the input capacitance is low, FET's are used in cascade amplifiers in measuring and test equipment.

· Since the device is voltage controlled, it is used as a voltage variable resistor in operational amplifiers and tone controls.

· FET's are used in mixer circuits in FM and TV receivers and communication because the inter modulation distortion is low.

· It is used in oscillator circuits, because frequency drift is low.

· As the coupling capacitor FET's are used in low frequency amplifiers in hearing aids and inductive transducers.

· FET's are used in digital circuits in computers, LSD and memory circuits because of its small size.

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