What are commercial aircraft mfg key success factors, Mechanical Engineering

Conduct an industry & a 5-Forces analysis for BOEING AND AIRBUS. w/focus on commercial aircraft mfg (Hint: extend POV to travel preferences now & future, & review BOE/Air's POVs on the industry) Describe industry's macro-factors. Introduce the industry's key economic characteristics, markets/ product lines, sub-industries, geographies, etc (domestic & global).

Conduct 5-forces analysis, which includes a growing variety of rival, supply, buyer, substitute, & new entrant (hint: tool is for any firm in industry, not just BOE/AIR POV. Beware: current dearth of competitors clouds industry profits. Summarize using a chart. Indicate priority of selected factors within each force & depict relative dominance of each force in determining the industry profitability. Discuss the graphic w/supported rationales.


What are commercial aircraft mfg key success factors (KSF)? Quantitatively & qualitatively compare BOE/AIR for any competitive advantages? What would you recommend to each firm?

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