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Specification of wet mix macadam

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Arches and lintels, classification of arches based on their shape are?

classification of arches based on their shape are?

Determine the statements about unit area or borrow pit, Determine the State...

Determine the Statements about Unit Area or Borrow Pit? Ans: I.  Sometimes called Average Depth II. Works well for volumes for building sites and surface mines III. Needs

Heliports and stol ports, Heliports and Stol Ports: Heliports ...

Heliports and Stol Ports: Heliports Heliports are facilities for landing and take-off of helicopters. They consist of : (a) Landing and take-off area, which contai

Deflection in concrete structures, Tension reinforcement leads to increasin...

Tension reinforcement leads to increasing deflection in concrete structures? In BS8110 a modification factor is applied to span/depth ratio to take into account effect of tens

Illustrate shaft grouting for friction barrettes, Q. Illustrate Shaft grout...

Q. Illustrate Shaft grouting for friction barrettes? For the construction of friction barrettes, some grout pipes are designed at periphery of the barrettes. Within a short dur

Kerb overflow weirs – horizontal bars vs. vertical bars, Q. Kerb overflow w...

Q. Kerb overflow weirs – horizontal bars vs. vertical bars? Overflow weirs must be provided for steep roads (longitudinal gradient>5%), flat roads (longitudinal gradient Ess

Write important factors that affect permeability of a soil, Determine the i...

Determine the important factors that affect the permeability of a soil. A permeameter of 8.2 cm diameter having a sample of soil of length 35 cm. It can be used either for const

Remedial measures for problems in turbid water - reflection, Remedial measu...

Remedial measures for Problems in Turbid Water - Reflection? The problem of reflection can be minimised by carefully placing the flash away from the axis of the camera and at a

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