Verifone pos offline mod vx670, C/C++ Programming

Verifone pos offline mod vx670

Project Description:

I want a programmer who will build custom application for Offline VX670 to collect and save info+pin


Press the amount then:

Choice of accounts - "CREDIT/DEBIT " if you select DEBIT- 3 choicess "SAVINGS/OTHER/CHECKING"

After transaction is done it provide you msg on a recipt and on the screen

"Approve or Decline" so i can select 1 or another

2) i need to modified receipt so 4-5 lines of text, like Name of the Store .phone Number...etc "if possible 3-4 lines on top 1-2 on the bottom"

3) if possible make an encryption so no 1 can access the info saved on machine ...nothing special - the basic one is fi

Skills required are C Programming, Engineering, Software Testing, Software Architecture, Visual Basic

Posted Date: 1/29/2014 3:35:35 AM | Location : United States

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