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what are the assumpions made in valence bond theory

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How many electrons are in benzene, There are thirty (30) electrons in benze...

There are thirty (30) electrons in benzene. This contains 24 carbon electrons and 6 hydrogen electrons. There are 12 electrons shared among C and H, and 18 among C and C. (6 electr

Energy cycle or metabolism - biomolecules, Energy cycle or metabolism A...

Energy cycle or metabolism A cell has small molecules that are denoted as micromolecules also large molecules that is denoted as macromolecules. The chemical equations of a liv

Sucrose, chemical reacation of sucrose

chemical reacation of sucrose

Separation techniques, what technique can be used to improve water quality ...

what technique can be used to improve water quality ?

Chemical equation of the peroxodisulfate ion, Chemical Kinetics of the Pero...

Chemical Kinetics of the Peroxodisulfate Ion The peroxodisulfate  ion is one of the strongest oxidants that are  called, although the oxidation reaction is relatively slow.

Atomic structure, what is the mass of a proton and electron

what is the mass of a proton and electron

Question, Hybridisation of sulfury chloride

Hybridisation of sulfury chloride

Azimuthal quantum number defines, Azimuthal quantum number defines: (1)...

Azimuthal quantum number defines: (1) e/m ratio of electron (2) Spin of electron (3) Angular momentum of electron (4) Magnetic momentum of electron Ans:  Angular mo

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