Uses of phenol - hydrocarbon, Chemistry

Uses of Phenol - Hydrocarbon

Phenol is extensively used in industry. The important applications of phenol are

(i) Phenol is used as an antiseptic in soaps, lotions and ointments. A powerful antiseptic is "Dettol" which is a phenol derivative (2, 4-dichloro-3, 5-dimethyl phenol).

(ii) Phenol is used in the manufacture of azo dyes, phenolphthalein, etc.

(iii) Phenol is used in the preparation of picric acid used as an explosive and for dyeing silk and wool.

(iv) Phenol is used in the manufacture of cyclohexanol required for the production of nylon and used as a solvent for rubber and lacquers.

(v) Phenol is used as a preservative for ink.

(vi) Phenol is used in the manufacture of phenol-formaldehyde plastics such as bakelite.

(vii) Phenol is used in the preparation of drugs like aspirin, salol, phenacetin, etc.

(viii) Phenol is used for causterising wounds caused by the bite of mad dogs.

(ix) Phenol is used as a starting material for the manufacture of nylon and artificial tannins.

(x) Phenol is used in the preparation of disinfectants, fungicides and bactericides.

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