Ask qThe right to an education is a basic right belonging to all children. The UN Convention on the
Rights of the Child enshrines this notion in Articles 28 and 29. And yet it seems that even in
our relatively wealthy and developed nation, not all children’s needs are being served.
The educational needs of children with disabilities are often not catered for in a way which
allows them to grow to reach their full potential as human persons. The story of Jake and
Cooper highlights some of the issues.
For this assessment you are required to:
1) Read the story of Jake and Cooper
2) Identify the Catholic Social Thought Principles that relate to this story.
3) Explain why you believe the principles of CST you identified have particular relevance to
this story.
4) Using this story, explain how the concepts of self and community are interrelated, using
the concepts of human flourishing, Ubuntu and the Golden Rule in your discussionuestion #
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