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Tower defense - is a subgenre of real-time strategy games. The goal of tower defense games is to try to stop enemies from crossing a map by building towers which shoot at them as they pass.

Story of the game:

Twenty years ago the neighborkingdom decided invade in your country. No one was ready to unexpected attack. Enemies quickly captured new territory and only with incredible efforts our army stopped them. After five years of bloody and violent fighting brave soldiers defended your country and crossed the border between the kingdoms. Enemy king was forced to surrender. Kings of both kingdoms signed a peace treaty.

Years passed, kings had been changed and old treaties were slowly forgotten. There were rumors that enemy kingdom decided to attack your again. Someone ran away, someone laugh, but Chief of the Army already knew what to do. He decided to build a lot of war towers in all important roads and cities. So, as time has shown it was the right and timely decision.But enemy troops were prepared for that and learned to make and use the catapult and learned sappers.

So, now you are chief of a small department and your task is to build towers to protect strategically important objects like cities from enemy attacks. A lot of towers were built before, but that is not enough. It's time to act.

Game modes

You can play in Campaign Mode, starting with simple tasks and ending with the defense of entire cities, unlock new towers and sometimes try to occupy enemy castles using special moving towers. After killing enemies you will got some bonus points. The main goal is to miss the least enemies.

Also this game will contain Battle Mode when you choose before where you will fight, set power of enemy soldiers and another options.

Also you can play with your friends in Corporate Mode using LAN or Internet. You can play as allies, that is, on one map to protect the same city or you can divide in the teams and try to capture the opponent's territory. You with your friends may play together against the computer, that send warriors to occupy the territory of your kingdom. But the much number of playing people means bigger enemy army, so be careful and choose strong allies for you Aliance!

While playing game in online mode you will have a possibility to chat with your online friends to coordinate your strategy of playing. If you have microphone, you can chat with them on voice. It is much more comfortable, because the game is rather fast, and you must permanently build, improve and battle, otherwise you will lose. The most interesting mode is  Country Mode. This is your chance to become the king of all the world!

The main idea is following. There is a grand map, that is one for all. You connect there, and you can play with other players, but they don't know about this! Every player build his castle, warriors, improve his army, science, and with time the power of the country increases. Every player may negotiate with other players to exchange warriors, technologies, materials and gold. But the main is that you can battle against other players to increase your territory and got earn money. During time your kingdom will become stronger and stronger and will have chance to occupy all map. But it is very hard, because there are several thousands of players playing on this map.At this mode you will be able not only to build towers, but to build soldiers too. There are many kinds of soldiers and machines, fighting animals and more different interesting things. To control them you will need a mouse. Using it you will be able to mark out some group of soldiers and move them to positions you want. You can create groups of soldiers and manage these groups as one unit. You will build special buildings to produce soldiers and fighting machines.

Note, that map is not plane surface, but it has relief: mountains, hills, rivers, lakes, trees, forests and other. Travelling on the map you can find different artifacts, extra money and resources. There are different technologies you can use to have advantage on other players. You will have a special building that will improve your different skills and abilities. There will be also workers, that build different buildings. During the war, you can change them to warriors.

The weather in the game will change too. There will be several types of weather: sunny, rainy, snowy, windy. This will make the game more real and exciting. Day and night will change each other every day. At night the map will be a little darker, and you will not see enemy units from distances. The weather and day time also influence on some abilities of different units.


Game will be available on PC,MAC and PS in full mode and a "cut" versions(without Corporate mode ) will be available on phone Android, iOS and PSP too.

How to play

The main aim in the game will be defending your city or castle from enemy soldiers by building towers.  A lot of different towers, mine fields and walls will be available. After killing enemies you will receive gold and points. Gold need to build new tower, points - to unlock new types of towers. Also will be special bonuses like full freeze of enemies or making your towers invulnerable. Bonuses  will  be dropped after you make some special achievements like kill twelve enemies without losing any towers or defeat bosses and can be used at every time.

There will be few types of towers with different power, range, speed and abilities like poison or slow effect, or possibility to attack few enemies by one shot. All towers can be upgraded, that will change some of its properties or add new abilities.

Few types of enemies will be available - with different speed, hit points and armory - for example, someone of them can't be slowed or poisoned. Also will be special enemies  -- sappers and catapults than can destroy your towers.

Also in game will be realized Save/Load mode in menu. That mean that you can save your current progress and continue playing at every time.

One more thing is that you can create your account at the game with your own password and game login. You will be able to load only the games, that were saved under your account. So, only you will use your level and play games that you played before.

The nice thing is that every level is different from each other. Every new battle your enemy will become stronger, got new weapon and better soldiers, and your army also will develop with improving of science in your kingdom and experience you will got.

Also the game is 3D and you will be able to regulate the angle of line you look on, and the distance from the point of view to earth. You will be able to do this not only in setting of the game, but during the game too, to see better the situation on the map.

At left bottom of the corner you will see the map on which you can see you buildings and enemy warrior's movement. Your soldiers will be mapped blue on the map, and enemy soldiers - red.

There is huge amount of properties you can change in setting of the game. You can regulate the volume of the sounds of the game, volume of the music that is played during the game. The one more option you can regulate is brightness of the screen. If you computer is not very powerful, you can decrease the screen resolution and the game will run faster and without any delays. The very important thing is ability to regulate the complexity of the computer. Lower complexity corresponds to lower number of enemies and power of each of the soldiers. Alternatively, you may got more initial gold and points to develop you kingdom and make it stronger.

Also you can change controls if initial are not comfortable for you. Game is developing with time, and several times a year you will see updates of the game, with bag fixes and developed graphics, faster engine and new maps with new different units and some new features. You can find new update on our site.


You can play this game using mouse or joystick on PC, Mac or PS or phone keyboard or touch screen in another case. All control will be simple - at first you select tower from list and show where it will be build. Also you can select some towers and set target to attack - it will be useful when catapults are near. Click on tower to see its abilities and click on corresponding button to use it.

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