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Decoupling investment, The idea of the decoupling inventories is to d...

The idea of the decoupling inventories is to decouple or disengage different parts of the production systems. As we can observe easily different machines equipment and p

Explain the different roles that managers must play, QUESTION Managers ...

QUESTION Managers are directly responsible for the success or failure of any organization. Their main responsibility is to help the organization to achieve its objectives in an

Mr, three ogarnizational attitudes

three ogarnizational attitudes

Discuss efficiency gains over woss and the market’, QUESTION ‘Although ...

QUESTION ‘Although the elegance and comprehensiveness of transactions costs reasoning has provided the internalisation approach with a powerful logic (Rugman, 1981, 1985), it i

Strategy, Explain strategy as an organizational process?

Explain strategy as an organizational process?

Ricardian model and heckscher-ohlin model, 1. Wage ratios must lie in betwe...

1. Wage ratios must lie in between the inter-country productivity ratios. 2. Large countries are always less specialized. 3. Low wage countries have bigger gains from trade.

What is business process re-engineering (bpr), QUESTION (a) What is Bus...

QUESTION (a) What is Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)? (b) List down any four factors that contribute to the difficulties in implementing BPR (c) Explain the differe

Discuss in the light of the benefits and costs arising, QUESTION ‘Sever...

QUESTION ‘Several developing countries have joined one regional integration group or another with the hope of addressing common problems in a collective and coordinated manner.

Breakdown maintenance, As the name suggest corrective maintenance occurs...

As the name suggest corrective maintenance occurs when there is a work stoppage because of machine breakdown. In this sense maintenance becomes repair work. Repairs are

What do you meant by swot analysis, Question: (a) Name clothing Busines...

Question: (a) Name clothing Business terms e.g. ready to Wear and give a brief description of the term. (b) What does merchandising imply in an apparel industry? (c) What a

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