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Define Serial In - Parallel Out Shift Registers? For this type of register data bits are entered serially in the same manner as discussed in the last section and the difference

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What is meant by doping? How does it affect a semiconductor? Doping: The process through which an impurity is added to semiconductor is termed as doping. A semiconductor to th

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a. Compare the serial protocols, parallel protocols and wireless protocols in terms of formats, speed, performance and security issues. b. Briefly define two popular parallel pr

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In the previous two years, a lot of innovation has come in the mobile computing world. Apple has launched very imaginative mobile phone, iphone and ipad along with app store. Googl

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Explain explanatory notes on comparison of RS232C and RS422A standards. Comparison of RS232C and RS422A standards: RS232C 1. Standard explained for asynchronous commu

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Q. Principle of Three-phase synchronous machines? In fact, with very few exceptions, three-phase synchronous machines are most commonly used for power generation. In general, t

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Consider an RLC series circuit excited by v (t) = 100√2 cos 10t V, with R = 20 , L = 1 H, and C = 0.1 F. Use the phasor method to find the steady-state response current in the cir

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Calculation of Receiving End Voltage Consider the simple circuit shown in Figure. To find the voltage V 2 using analytical method:   P = I V 2 = 0.5      ..... (1)

Demultiplexer, full sub tractor using demultiplexer

full sub tractor using demultiplexer

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