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Explain the indirect methods of microbial estimation, Explain the Indirect ...

Explain the Indirect Methods of Microbial Estimation? Indirect methods, i.e., methods other than those counting the microbial cells can also be used for quantitation purpose. T

Agro industrial-early embryonic mortality, Early embryonic mortality E...

Early embryonic mortality Embryo mortality is a serious problem for farmers, practitioners and researchers. The establishment and maintenance of pregnancy is a highly complica

Explain posaconazole, Posaconazole  Posaconazole (SCH 56592), an unappr...

Posaconazole  Posaconazole (SCH 56592), an unapproved azole available from the manufacturer for compassionate use, isunder review by the FDA for oral treatment of invasive fung

Explain the bioavailability of folate, Explain the Bioavailability of Folat...

Explain the Bioavailability of Folate? Bioavailability of folate from naturally occurring food sources is variable and frequently incomplete, as mentioned earlier in the food

Bioenergetics, role of bioenergetics in our body

role of bioenergetics in our body

Deficiency diseases-rickets, Rickets Rickets is a complex mineral defic...

Rickets Rickets is a complex mineral deficiency disease of young, growing animals. It is characterized by defective mineralization of growing bones, persistence of hypertrophic

Theoretical calculation of calorific value of a fuel, The calorific value o...

The calorific value of a fuel can be theoretically determined by using dulong's formula. It is assumed that heat evolved comes from the combustion of carbon, hydrogen, and sulphur

Write the definition of counselling, Q. Write the definition of counselling...

Q. Write the definition of counselling? Definition of counselling "A process of helping or enabling a person / persons to solve certain interpersonal, emotional problems and

Handling animals in lab, Handling : The desire for survival is same whethe...

Handling : The desire for survival is same whether in animals or human beings. You may be aware of the ability of even tiny animals to scratch and bite. So we won't say any more o

Explain about hyperglycemia, Q. Explain about Hyperglycemia? It is a Gr...

Q. Explain about Hyperglycemia? It is a Greek term: hyper -meaning excessive; glyc- meaning sweet; and emia- means "of the blood". It is a condition in which an excessive amoun

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