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Calculate the reactive power and current supplied, Question: A series r...

Question: A series resistive inductive load is energised from a 240V (RMS), 50Hz single phase AC supply, such that the load draws 1200W at a power factor of 0.8. a) Calculat

Metallurgy of electron beam welding, Metallurgy of Electron Beam Welding ...

Metallurgy of Electron Beam Welding EBW is capable of joining a variety of materials in a broader thickness range than any other fusion welding process. This is being in

Metallurgical defects-gas porosity, Gas Porosity Porosity is the...

Gas Porosity Porosity is the presence of gas pockets or voids caused by the entrapment of gas evolved during weld metal solidification. This Porosity is caused due to im

Explain about hydraulic calculation, Hydraulic calculations are carried out...

Hydraulic calculations are carried out by both Process and Mechanical Engineering. Generally speaking, Process Engineering will initiate many hydraulic calculations for piping sys

Home home, why 4R kinematic chain do not form different mechanisms?

why 4R kinematic chain do not form different mechanisms?

Clutch-free pedal play -factors in clutch design , Clutch-free Pedal Play :...

Clutch-free Pedal Play : To reduce effective clamping load on the carbon thrust bearing and wear thereof, sufficient clutch free pedal play must be provided in the clutch.

Gradual engagement-various factors in clutch design , Gradual Engagement : ...

Gradual Engagement : The clutch should positively take the drive gradually without the occurrence of sudden jerks.

Stages in making a spot welding, Q.Show the procedure of spot welding ? ...

Q.Show the procedure of spot welding ? The steps involved in making a spot weld are listed below and shown but before spot welding one must make sure that (i) The job is clea

Points of contraflexure, Points of Contraflexure: Assume M 1 , M 2 , ....

Points of Contraflexure: Assume M 1 , M 2 , . . . and M 6 be the points of contraflexure, where bending moment changes sign. To determine the position of M 2 , let a section

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