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Many authors have advocated simplicity as being a key value in society, science and entrepreneurship (Cohen and Stewart, 1994; Cooper, 2004; de Bono, 1998; Gell-Mann, 1994; Jenson, 2002; Maeda, 2006). Indeed qualities such as simplicity, ease of-use, and clarity are undeniably desirable features to many individuals and organisations. Entrepreneurship and innovation have also proven to be key factors in fuelling economic growth, generating employment, and providing higher quality of life for entrepreneurs and the societies in which they function (Autio, 2005). These three fields-simplicity, innovation and entrepreneurship-are relative newcomers to the landscape of rigorous academic research.

Nonetheless a quantity of literature has been generated on the subjects and robust research frameworks have been proposed. The advent and increase of significant computing power during the twentieth century led scientists to pursue studies in computational complexity and complex adaptive systems: areas in which problems are ‘large' and often intractable. In turn this fueled interdisciplinary interest in complexity science, complex systems and emergence. This dissertation investigates theories of complexity and focuses on the model known as ‘effective complexity'. By regarding the entrepreneurial venture as a complex adaptive system, ‘effective complexity' will be positioned as a theoretical model for evaluating complexity in an entrepreneurial context. Subsequently, by means of a detailed case study the model is contrasted to the real-world scenario of a company that has focused exclusively on creating simple products. Results from the case study indicate a degree of correlation between the theoretical notions of complexity and the entrepreneurial perceptions of simplicity. Hence effective complexity could potentially provide a sound theoretical foundation for developing systematic simplicity techniques.

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