The notes to the accounts-financial statement, Financial Accounting


The notes to the accounts provide additional information on the a/c policies that the company has adopted the make-up of some of the items appearing on the face of the financial accounts and additional information on items not provided for in the accounts.

IAS 1 does not give the standard format of the notes to the accounts and that this would vary from one company to another. However, the standard requires the following approach to be used when presenting the notes to the accounts.

1. The company should state the basis of financial statement (most cases historical basis of accounting)
2. The company should present the significant policies adopted
3. The make-up of some of the items appearing on the face of the final accounts e.g. PPE and inventory.
4. Explanation of items not provided for  in the final accounts (e.g. Dividends)

An example of the notes to the accounts examined within the scope.

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