The human foetus expelled from the uterus of its mother, Biology

How is the human foetus expelled from the uterus of its mother:
  • The total time required for the embryonic and foetal development is called gestation period which is usually about 40 weeks. After this the foetus is expelled from the uterus.
  • This is a very complicated process.
  • The foetal harmones produced stimulate the contractions of uterus.
  • The contractions of the uterus are called labour pains.
  • The labour pains help in the expulsion of the foetus.
  • First the amnion ruptures releasing the amniotic fluid out.
  • Then the foetus is expelled out. Later the placenta is separated from the uterine walls and expelled out.
  • But the foetus is still attached to the uterus of the mother by the umbilical cord which is separated by docotor.

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