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Relation between taxonomy and ecology

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Respiratory system - developmental changes, Respiratory System - Developmen...

Respiratory System - Developmental Changes after Birth The new-born's lungs are collapsed and need powerful breaths to inflate them; airways too are small, offering remarkable

Micronutrients in food, Vitamins Micronutrients are as important as maj...

Vitamins Micronutrients are as important as major nutrients for the animal body. Vitamins are organic compounds required in minute amounts to assist metabolic processes and for

Class of coclentrata, ????? # 100 ??????????? #Minimum ?????? ?????

????? # 100 ??????????? #Minimum ?????? ?????

Temperature - estuaries, Temperature - Estuaries Another importan...

Temperature - Estuaries Another important variable is temperature. The temperature of estuary keeps on fluctuating it heats up and cools down more rapidly under prevailin

If comparing brain of vertebrates then relative size would b, In a comparis...

In a comparison of brain found in lower classes of vertebrates to the brain in higher classes of vertebrate's area showing most increase in relative size is: a) Optic lobe b

Describe surgical closure of patent arteriosus technique, Describe Surgical...

Describe Surgical Closure of Patent Ductus Arteriosus technique? The patient is positioned in right lateral position and a left posterolateral thoracotomy is done. In infants

Non - pharmacological management, Great importance is being given to life s...

Great importance is being given to life style modifications because of definite benefits observed in patients who follow this. Life style changes have advantages not only in the co

Which animals make cutaneous respiration, Q. Which animals make cutaneous r...

Q. Which animals make cutaneous respiration? Adult amphibians and Terrestrial annelids make cutaneous respiration in amphibians there is also pulmonary respiration, the thin sk

Explain nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners, Q. Explain Nutritive and No...

Q. Explain Nutritive and Non-Nutritive Sweeteners? Nutritive Sweeteners: We know some sweeteners like glucose, honey, molasses, fruit juice, dextrose, maltose, mannitol, sorbit

Categories of phloem transport, Categories of Phloem Transport Essenti...

Categories of Phloem Transport Essentially, the phloem transport can be subdivided into the following: The "loading" of the organic nutrients from the mesophyll c

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