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Many of the glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate produced by the Calvin cycle in chloroplasts is exported to the cytosol and used to produce the disaccharide, sucrose. 1st the   glyceraldehyde   3-phosphate   is changed   to fructose   6- phosphate and glucose 1-phosphate.  The chemical reactions included are essentially a reversal of glycolysis.  The glucose 1-phosphate is then chnaged to UDP-glucose and this reacts with fructose 6-phosphate to synthesize sucrose 6-phosphate:

UDP-glucose + fructose 6-phosphate→ sucrose 6-phosphate +UDP

Hydrolysis of the sucrose 6-phosphate yields sucrose. This is the major sugar which is transported  between  plant cells, analogous  to the supply  of glucose  by the bloodstream to animal tissues.


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