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what is the trignomerty leveling

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On-line storage vs. off-line storage, On-line storage vs. off-line storage ...

On-line storage vs. off-line storage Design of storage pond is commonly divided into off -line storage and on-line storage. The on-line storage concept includes inclusion of s

Types of cross-drainge structures, Types of Cross-drainage Structures: ...

Types of Cross-drainage Structures: The following are the types of cross-drainage structures : (a) Culverts, having waterway upto 6 m. (b) Minor Bridges, having waterwa

Explain situations that warrant a damage inspection, Explain Situations tha...

Explain Situations that warrant a damage inspection? - Floods - bridges located in streams, rivers and other waterways with known or suspected scour potential. - Build-up of

Surveying, what is meant by geodetic survey

what is meant by geodetic survey

Case of multi speed restrictions, Q. Case of Multi speed restrictions? ...

Q. Case of Multi speed restrictions? Position of Engineering indicators in case of Multi speed restrictions on one of the line in a Double line section where the first speed re

Determine the project duration and critical path, Critical Path - Activity ...

Critical Path - Activity on Node The project precedence table shown below provides the relationships and durations of all activities. Based on end-of-day calculations for start

State the term - stresses from concrete to reinforcement, State the term - ...

State the term - Stresses from concrete to reinforcement Stresses from concrete to reinforcement, or vice-versa, in reinforced concrete are transferred due to bond between conc

Determine length of guide bunds, Q. Determine Length of guide bunds? Leng...

Q. Determine Length of guide bunds? Length of a guide bund has to be such that the flow approaching even from behind the guide bund would pass through the bridge with minimum obl

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