Supply and demand, Microeconomics

1. State of the art machines at the advanced Yamaha musical instrument plant tune the exact sound of high caliber musical instruments (vs a certain touch, and perhaps a degree of voodoo) sought by professional musicians.  What effect will this have on the price and quantity of musical instruments?

2.  "More working overtime" Only 14% of the workforce said they never or seldom work overtime.  How will this situation affect the price and quantity of digital cameras?

3. "70 million baby boom generation set to retire in the next 8 years."  What effect will this have on the price and quantity of health care?

4. "Federal Reserve cut Fed Funds Rate ¾%, and is expected to cut an additional ½% pm Wednesday, January 30."  What effect will this action have on the price and quantity of small business loans from banks?

5. "Wireless speakers strike the right chord with consumers."  People can place speakers in any room, turn on their I-Pod and have the room fill with music.  How will this situation affect the price and quantity of traditional wired speakers?

6. Fry's Electronics, January 28, 2009:  "The price of HD Plasma TV's has declined 50% in the last 24 months."  How will this affect the price and quantity of traditional analog TV's?

7. "At&T powers up TV service", At&T TV service called U-verse will be available in 175 suburbs.  What effect will this situation have on the price and quantity of wired TV service?

8. "The price of gasoline has increased $.19 per gallon in the last two weeks."  How will this affect the price and quantity of car washes?  (At service stations offering car washes)

9. "Housing market's freeze deepens."  Potential home buyers are forecasting that the price of new homes will decline more in the future.  What effect will this have on the price and quantity of new homes?

10. "Construction workers face lay-offs."  How will this effect the price and quantity of "Buffalo Tools"?


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