Suggestions for conducting appraisal reviews, HR Management

Suggestions for conducting appraisal reviews:

1. Give the employee a few days notice of the discussion and its purpose.

2. Prepare notes and use the completed performance appraisal as for as a discussion guide so that each important topic will be covered.

3. Be ready to suggest specific development activities suitable to the each employee needs.

4. Establish a friendly helpful and purposeful tone at the outside of the discussion.

5. Assure your employee that everyone on Cessna does discuss these differences.

6. Make sure that the season is truly a discussion.

7. When your appraisal differs from the employee's discuss these differences.

8. These discussions should contain both constructive complements and constructive criticism.

9. Occasionally the appraisal review will uncover strong emotions.

10. Make certain that your employees fully understand your appraisal of their performance.

11. Discuss the suture as well as the past.

12. End the discussion on a positive, future improvement oriented note.

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