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How could your organisation manage and develop people in a way that would support the strategic aims of the organisation?

Notes and Assessment Criteria for this question

You are required to analyze your organisation in terms of the current approach to managing and developing people against theories, models and research presented in the unit. 

As a result of your analysis you should make recommendations for the future of a 'best fit' approach to managing people.

In order to do this you must consider your organisation's business strategy and the fit between the current approach to managing people and where your organisation wants to be in the future. 

You should fully consider the HRM / D Cycle and analyse theories, models and research to provide you with different approaches and to allow you to recommend 'best - fit' approaches which suit your organisation's social architecture.

The assignment should:

  • Consider the business strategy / strategic context of the organisation.
  • Consider the individual development of people in the organisation.
  • Consider current approaches and practice in the organisation and should include specific organisational examples.
  • Refer to relevant theories, models and research and be appropriately cited.
  • Include recommendations for the management of people in the future which are fully justified and which 'fit' with the organisation's social architecture.

You should present your analysis and recommendations for the management of people in your organisation, in the form of an essay format which should be 3000 words and fully referenced.

How is it expected that the HR function should manage and develop people in a way that would support the strategic aims of the organisation?

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