State the debtors turnover ratio, Managerial Accounting

Debtors turnover ratio( or receivables turnover ratio)

Meaning: this ratio establishes a relation ship between net credit sales and averages trade debtors.


Objective: the objective of computing this ratio is to verify the efficiency with which the trade debtors are managed.


Components: There are two components of this ratio which are as under:

           Net credit sales

           Average trade debtors

 Computation: this ratio is computed by dividing the net credit sales by average trade debtors. This ratio is usually expressed as x number of times. In the form of a formula this ratio may be expressed as under:

Net credit sales = gross credit sales -sales returns

Interpretation: it shows the number of times the debtors are turned over during a year. Generally the higher the value of debtors' turnover the more efficient is the management of debtors or more liquid is the debtors. Similarly low debtor's turnover implies inefficient management of debtors/sales and less liquid debtors a very high ratio may imply a firm inability due to lack of resources to sell on credit there by losing sales and profits. There is no rule of thumb which may be used as a norm to interpret the ratio as it may be different form firm to firm depending upon the nature of business. This ratio should be compared with ratio of other firm doing similar business and a trend may also be found to make a better interpretation of the ratio.


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