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Q. In 1982, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry recommended that the value of the standard pressure po be changed from 1 atm to 1 bar. This change affects the values of some standard molar quantities of a substance calculated from experimental data.

(a) Find the changes in Hom, Som, and Gom for a gaseous substance when the standard pressure is changed isothermally from 1.01325 bar (1 atm) to exactly 1 bar. (Such a small pressure change has an entirely negligible effect on these quantities for a substance in a condensed phase.)

(b) What are the values of the corrections that need to be made to the standard molar enthalpy of formation, the standard molar entropy of formation, and the standard molar Gibbs energy of formation of N2O4(g) at 298.15K when the standard pressure is changed from 1.01325 bar to 1 bar?

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