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Special Matrices

There are some "special" matrices out there which we may use on occasion. The square matrix is the first special matrix.  A square matrix is any matrix that size or say dimension is n x n. Conversely, it has similar number of rows as columns.  In a square matrix the diagonal which starts in the upper left and ends in the lower right is frequently termed as the main diagonal.

The subsequent two special matrices which we want to look at are the zero matrixes and the identity matrix. The zero matrixes, signified 0nxm, is a matrix all of that entries are zeroes. The identity matrix is a square n x n matrix, indicated. In, those main diagonals are all 1's and all the other parts are zero. Now there are the general zero and identity matrices.

802_Special Matrices.png

In arithmetic matrix such two matrices will proceed in matrix work as zero and one doing in the real number system.

The last two special matrices which we'll look at now are the column matrix and the row matrix. Such are matrices that contain a single column or a single row. In common they are,

250_Special Matrices1.png

y = ( y1 y2    ............yn)1 x m

We will frequently refer to these as vectors.

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