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Solve the fractional equation:


Solve the fractional equation 1/(x-2) +1/(x+3) =0


The LCD is (x - 2)(x + 3); therefore, multiply both sides of the equation by (x - 2)(x + 3).

(x - 2)(x + 3)(1/(x-2) + 1/(x+3) = (0)(x - 2)(x + 3))

(x - 2)(x + 3)/(x - 2) + (x - 2)(x + 3)/(x + 3) = 0

(x + 3) + (x - 2) = 0

2x + 1 = 0

Now solve the equation like an ordinary linear equation.

Step 1. Transpose the +1 from the left-hand to the right-hand side of the equation by changing its sign.

2x = 0 - 1

2x = - 1

Step 2. Using Axiom 4, divide both sides of the equation by 2.

2x/2 = -1/2

X = -1/2

Step 3. Check the root.

1/(-(1/2)-2) + 1/(-(1/2)+3) = 1/-2(1/2) + 1/2(1/2) = -2/5 +2/5 = 0

The root checks.

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