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#qDescribe the factors which decide the broad area of Scientific activityuestion..

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Solar system, about solar system how does it works

about solar system how does it works

Conservation of mineral resources, Conservation of mineral resources: M...

Conservation of mineral resources: Mineral reserves are present in a limited quantity and they can be exhausted. At  the present rate of consumption many of  them will not last

Transfer from large containers, Transfer from Large Containers : As with a...

Transfer from Large Containers : As with all dangerous operations, it will pay you to think what the worst possible accident may be that could result from your actions and what wo

Judicious use of plant/animal material for lab, Judicious use of Plant/Anim...

Judicious use of Plant/Animal Material for Lab. Purposes Live or preserved biological material is an essential requirement in all bio-labs. This material needs to be brought in

Explain the primary processing of rice in detail, Primary processing of Ric...

Primary processing of Rice Rice is the staple food for the majority of the world's population and is cooked in boiling water and eaten mostly with cooked pulses, vegetables, f

First aid procedure for electric shock, FIRST AID PROCEDURE FOR ELECTRIC SH...

FIRST AID PROCEDURE FOR ELECTRIC SHOCK : Although the procedure described is usually followed, there are occasions when other matters have to be considered and therefore the proce

Energy flow in the ecosystem, Energy Flow in the Ecosystem The princi...

Energy Flow in the Ecosystem The principal source of  energy for any ecosystem is sunlight. All food materials that we or other animals consume are manufactured directly or i

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