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Q. Show the Security Policy as well Integrated Security ?

Security policy is on paper statement describing what assets are to be protected and why who is responsible and which behaviours are acceptable or not

- Physical security

- Network security

- Access authorizations

- Virus protection

- Disaster recovery

Security policy

Security Policy - This is a written statement describing the following:

- Assets to be protected;

- Reasons for their protection;

- Who is accountable for their protection

- Which behaviors are acceptable; and

- Which behaviors are not acceptable?

Network Security

Network Reliability Issues

- Viruses, E-Vandals, Hackers,

Information Security

- IT Security Principles

- Security Aspects

- Types of Security Services

- Types of Security Threats

- Security Goal

- Security Attack, Model of Network Security, n/w Access Security

Digital Information Issues

- Confidentiality

- Authentication

- Integrity

- Access Control

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