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Q. Show the Characteristics of General - Purpose Capacitors?

The working voltage for a capacitor is generally specified by themanufacturer, thereby giving the maximum voltage that can safely be applied between the capacitor terminals. Exceeding this limitmay result in the breakdown of the insulation and then the formation of an electric arc between the capacitor plates. Unintentional or parasitic capacitances that occur due to the proximity of circuit elements may have serious effects on the circuit behavior.

Physical capacitors are often made of tightly rolled sheets of metal film, with a dielectric (paper or nylon) sandwiched in between, in order to increase their capacitance values (or ability to store energy) for a given size. Practical capacitors come in a wide range of values, shapes, sizes, voltage ratings, and constructions. Both fixed and adjustable devices are available. Larger capacitors are of the electrolytic type, using aluminum oxide as the dielectric.

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